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F11 Magazine, issue 63, March 2017

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KALTBLUT Magazine blog April 2017

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​A textile Designer who aims to blur the lines between modern textile design and graphic photography. Abigail Pym graduated from The University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art in 2015. Her unique style of working has been developed by combining her photography experimentation with more traditional hand rendered textile techniques. 

​Underwater Glaze is a unique selection of imagery created for a printed textile collection. Initially inspired by underwater photography from the barrier reef and Murano Glass. The link between how glass can the shaped and coloured compliments the natural beauty from the underwater sea life. Abigail wanted her collection to have a textual look, encouraging the element of wonder. Aimed to question where the imagery comes from and how it is created. Each photograph shown has intricate areas showing explosions of detail supported by techniques which blur and abstract the viewers perception. 


Candid Arts Trust, London, January 2017

The Chapel, Newbury, May 2016

Oxmarket, Centre of the Arts, Chichester, January 2016

The Bargehouse, OXO Tower, London, June 2015

'Work in Progress' Fashion show, Winchester, February 2015

WSA Gallery, Winchester, November 2014